About Us



 With a Bachelors in Architecture Jenny Bianca always had  the  Dream to have a Restaurant and her childhood environment ,was full of Mexican Flavors , growing up in Cancun Mexico , give  her a  first hand of Fresh Food and Customer Service ,  Her family had it to Fish or Hunt to be able to prepare meals , so her acknowledgement of FRESH is serious.


Taco Spot Menu

Jenny Bianca  Menu is Healthy , Delicious , Fresh , and multicultural , we want to bring  different concepts in a Mexican Flare , Jenny Travel since she is 16 , Spain in where Sangria Wines was introduce to her ,  Italia (she learn to cook the Best "Nona" Pasta Ever) , France , Indonesia (Can you believe that they had  the same fruits that has the Peninsula of Yucatan??? ), India (islands where she learns different spices ),Japan ,Hawaii ( First contact with Pineapples Lands in Maui )( She got lost in the Micronesian Islands for 3 days )(she prays to be lost in there again ) , Costa Rica (Second Pineapple paradise ) , Republica Dominicana (The best coconut tree ever!!!!!) ,Bahamas (thanks Kalik Beer) ,Puerto Rico , Jamaica (Hello Bonnets Chilly)( And thanks Ya Man! ...) , Cuba (She brought not only the best Mojito ever but good dancing moves ), Isla Mujeres , Contoy and Holbox (Coconuts are the sacred watter) in  Many Paradise Islands.  This trips and the future ones are  her inspiration , acknowledgment in Flavor , and her List of Favorite Beers.


sauce queen

Torito (Little Bull) was the name of  her first Chef , He not only cook amazing food for her  , but he teach her all the secrets of a Good Sauce , from there she continue in till today changing recipes and adding , better ingredients to her sauces ,  No preservatives are the key of this flavors , and Salt & Pepper are the main protagonist.  Come and try this combinations that make The Taco Spot one of the Favorites Restaurants in TripAdvisor , Yelp , Google and Facebook .